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Welcome to this carefully crafted playlist, a musical selection made with love to brighten your festive moments. Let yourself be carried away by this audio experience designed specifically to liven up your evenings! So, turn up the volume!

Thanks to:

Patrick Clark for his invaluable help with the mix of the tracks.

Dean Dorat for the visual design.

Dumb Love - Neil Frances 

Happiness - Blank & Jones, Cathy Battistessa

I’m Coming Home - Dino Lenny 

Different From The Rest - In Flagran 

The Love Forever - Kevin McKay 

All In A Dream - DJ Tennis, Joseph Ashworth & LP Giobbi 

Most Expensive Diamond - Never Dull 

Purple Disco Machine & Boris Dlugosch L.O.V.E.

Tonight - Suzy Q 

Beaches - Jesper Ryom 

Muyé - Rampa, Adam Port, &ME

Running Up That Hill - Chromatics 

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