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Elena, Founder of the Agency

Franco-British, I grew up in Africa and England before I moved to Paris which

I fell in love with! Passionate about the arts and gastronomy, ever since

I arrived, I have scoured the capital in order to discover new places,

new trends and innovative concepts. I need to feed my imagination so as

to better serve my profession: as an event organiser.


In the last 25 years, I have worked in hospitality and with international corporate law firms, organizing almost 500 public relations events. 

Throughout the years, I have developed a sense for high-end services

which are fundamental when it comes to ensuring a successful client event. 

With all this experience and my imagination overflowing with ideas,

how could I resist the urge not only to become independent,

but also to offer my own clients a finely tuned creativity accompanied

with a watchful eye… a unique eye?   

Consequently, in 2012, I founded my own events agency which offers

its know-how to corporate entities demanding high level quality, and ever since, together with a team of specialized partners, I offer my services between Paris and London, via Munich and Barcelona with the sole aim of creating

a long-lasting memory of a naturally transient moment.


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