Philharmonie de Paris – The power of music unites 150 employees

A strategy consulting firm had dreamt it. We did it! How ? By investing the Philharmonie de Paris and transforming these neophytes into a joyful symphony orchestra! A day of work, of listening and sharing, and in the end a concert where the Imperial March from Star Wars shook the walls of the prestigious institution.

Paris will always be Paris!

Your clients do not know Paris? Scattered around the globe, some clients of a Mexican company entrusted our Agency with their destiny for 3 days. From the Louvre to behind the scenes of the Hippodrome of Vincennes to the Palais Royal gardens to the jazz clubs in the Saint- Michel area, these exceptional Globe-trotters came to realize that Paris will always be Paris!

Pavilion Royal – When unity is strength

Because a successful birthday is not just a gigantic cake and a few candles, we organized a get-together evening for the 140th birthday of a management school. Some 600 guests gathered under the gilding of the Royal Pavillion where games, creative activities and a concert awaited them! The alumni from each class were made to feel where they stood in this century-old history.

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At Papillon – Dare the unexpected!

Nothing better for uniting your teams then to plunge them into the world of a Parisian night! And when at daybreak your merry-makers refuse to leave the dance floor, you know your event has been a success! Our Agency organized the Christmas Party for a prestigious international law firm and had them dance at the formerly scandalous venue chez Papillon ! From now on, nothing will ever be the same again between them all!

Caves Le Grand – Invitation to travel

No need to leave Paris to travel! Under the famous Vivienne gallery windows panes, Our agency organized an oenological tour with exceptional fine French wines from Burgundy to Bordeaux, through the Rhone valley and Provence for the guests of an international law firm. Through the tasting of Grands Crus, Caves le Grand who is the traditional supplier for the best Parisian restaurants took 150 for a beautiful walk through the French Vineyards.

Orsay Museum – Surrounded by the impressionist Masters

You wish to offer your guests a unique experience ? This is our agency’s creed and because champagne does not taste the same in the company of Van Gogh, Edouard Manet or Claude Monet, we privatized the “Musée d’Orsay” for 500 guests from an international consulting company! A precious, rare and privileged moment.

Paris Natural History Museum – An exceptional setting

A day’s conference, a lunch, a cocktail party … and about 600 guests, our agency stops at nothing! For this major event all the areas of the Museum of Natural History were privatized. From the Great Gallery of Evolution to the Department of Mineralogy, through the Jardin des Plantes, the guests from an American company spent the whole day and evening… in an unconventional setting!